This great friend of mine is completing one more year of life soon, and of course she is going to invite me to go out or something. I’d more than happy to be by her side on her birthday, but the problem is that she is going to call some friends of her who studied with us (I met her at school). These guys used to bully me, and still it happened years ago and in their minds they were “just joking” it stills hurts me a lot. I cannot imagine being sit in the same table with them, having to talk to them and pretend everything is okay. What if they mock me for some stupid reason? all over again…. Idk if I’m ready to this :( I have already been with them after school, but idk I feel more sensitive now… it’s hard to explain.

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If someones gets Blood Of Olympus early, please, please, please, keep the things you read in the book to yourself until the book gets officially released, if you want to rant about something please save it as a draft until October 7, please don’t post anything

and even after the book is released please use “read more” and tags for a while please

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When guys are like “I like girls without makeup” and expect girls to all of a sudden just stop wearing makeup but like have they considered GIRLS ACTUALLY LOVE DOING MAKEUP seriously dude don’t deprive me of black eyeliner don’t even try

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girls don’t like boys, girls like equality and affordable bras.

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Also I hope that now is the last time pics got leaked (I got a message that they’re all out). So this fucking nightmare can be over us and most importantly over Jen

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Jennifer Lawrence does not exist to fulfill my masturbatory fantasies. Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around like a joint at a party. Jennifer Lawrence is a human fucking being. And she’s not my property, and she’s not your property, and we all need to back the fuck off. —Jennifer Lawrence is not a thing to be passed around (
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when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings

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vagina’s are able to stretch wide enough to give birth to a fucking baby and then return to it’s original size but of course being penetrated by that grass blade you call a penis is what’s going to make it “loose”

Uhh. The baby doesnt come out of where the penis goes in…

stay in school y’all

i hate to be the bearer of bad news but the vagina and the vagina are, in fact, the same thing

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